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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine aims to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries resulting from or associated with sporting and athletic activities. It also includes the overall training, gait training and the nutritional aspects of sports medicine aimed at the improvement of athletic performance. The rehabilitation of sports medicine aims to restore the patient to its pre-injury performance.

At your appointment you can expect the use of specialised technology and treatment options we have available:

Diagnostic Ultrasound

We frequently use ultrasound to diagnose soft tissue injuries such as muscle and tendon issues.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP was initially used to treat common conditions such as arthritis and tendon injuries. PRP is made by centrifuging the patient's blood in order to concentrate the platelet content. This platelet concentration is then injected into the injured tendon/bone to assist with repair.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

This is the application of sound waves to injured areas in order to decrease acute swelling or increase the flexibility of chronically tight tissues. It is also commonly used to prepare tissues for manual therapy treatments.


This instrument is used to examine, diagnose and treat joint damage such as cartilage damage and meniscal tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a beam of light that enters the body and induces physiological effects that accelerate tissue healing and assist with pain relief. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or to prepare the body for other treatments such as manual therapy or stretching.

Electrical Stimulation

This can be used to treat pain, aid with tissue healing and the reversal of muscle atrophy. Small electrodes are placed over the painful or injured area, and a small current is sent through the electrodes to promote pain management or tissue healing.

Underwater Treadmill

The Underwater Treadmill provides buoyancy to the body and resistance to the limbs in order to normalise gait, recondition muscles and increase weight bearing capabilities. It is often used as part of the post-operative treatment program, or for muscle strengthening for chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Click Here: Video example of patient using Underwater Treadmill

Therapeutic Exercise

This uses fitness equipment such as blocks, balance discs, wobble boards, therapy boards and exercise boards to strengthen and recondition muscles. Patients will often receive home exercise programs that include therapeutic exercises.

Manual Therapy

This is the application of forces through the therapist's hands to improve the mobility of tight muscles or joints. Manual therapy is used to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and increase flexibility.

Game Ready Dry/Cold Compression

This provides a combination of icing and compression in an automated fashion. It's used to reduce post-operative swelling and to control pain. It can also be used for animals with sprains or stains that are treated non-surgically.

Sports Conditioning

This provides the highest level of conditioning for particular activities. It may include balance work, strengthening exercises, sports-specific training, or treadmill work. The aim of conditioning is to increase competitiveness or speed return to competition after treatment of an injury.

Gait 4 Machine

This measures the forces applied with foot placement during motion. It is used to assess the gait of the patient concerned, hence identifying gait abnormalities or subtle lameness.